Early Warning and Notification Systems

Warning System

Our warning systems are designed to inform the public of an impending danger. Its purpose is to enable the deployer to prepare for danger and act accordingly to mitigate or avoid it. The main objective of our early warning system is to save lives in the event of man-made or natural hazards, thus they can be deployed to notify the public or industries of an impending danger ensuring speedy evacuation and response to threats.

Warning the public in the event of natural disasters, industrial accidents, armed robbery, military or terrorist attacks is a basic function of a responsible state/industry. Our partners's extensive experience in developing various projects around the world helps us to create solutions for a wide range of situations for the early warning system.

Our early warning system offers a wide range of solutions to meet specific needs and requirements, such as the; PAVIAN and GIBON electronic systems, which provide the most advanced amplified sound to alert those concerned in times of danger. The AMADEO, TIBOR and SCREAMER are voice broadcasters and acoustic warning systems that broadcast early warnings through a voice announcer or acoustic alarm system, and help to manage crowds and the public in an event of emergency. Early warning systems are integrated with VEKTRA, a software solution to monitor, control, automate and manage the early warning electronics and mechanisms. Certain parts of the early warning and notification system are designed to work externally or for both external and internal use.

We have solutions tailored for the oil and gas industries, cities, steel industries, housing estates and other industries where safety is vital. Bludel partners with the world's leading developer of early warning systems to develop, deploy and manage early warning systems in Nigeria.

Our early warning solutions can be deployed for the following:-

  • Flood warning systems for towns and cities
  • Robbery notification for housing estates and banks
  • Oil and Gas fire/harzard notification and warning
  • Early warning systems for cities and communities
  • National/city warning systems
  • Dam warning systems
  • Indoor and outdoor notification
  • Voice evacuation systems

Our early warning systems can be monitored remotely in the emergency management units of governments and industries. The warning systems are equipped with inbuilt communication infrastructure enabling messages to be relayed to relevant contacts when an alarm has been raised.